MDTS Rules

  1.  Fees not paid by the date on the invoice will incure a late payment fee.
  2. A full course’s notice, in writing, is required before a pupil is withdrawn; failing which, the fees for the following course must be paid in full.
  3. No remission of fees is possible for absence through illness or for any other cause. Neither will fees be carried over or used for other family members.
  4. The principal reserves the right to require the removal of any pupil whose fees are in arrears.
  5. Parents are not permitted to be in the room whilst the classes are in progress, except during ‘open week’.
  6. Dance Uniform is expected to be worn at all times for dance classes and the correct uniform should be worn for the correct subject. Please follow the dress code for classical subjects and Cabaret subjects, also long hair in a bun and off the face.
  7. Private Tuition / Festival Competitions – Pupils can also be involved in taking part in dance festivals throughout the south west region, solos, duets, trios and groups.
  8. This involves private lessons on a weekly bases with Miss Debs  at £12 per half an hour, music being produced to the correct length for the festival rules and being put onto a c.d once the music has been edited, there will be a charge for the music editing.
  9. Private lessons are also availiable for one on one training in subjects to help pupils gain confidence and exra training.A minimum of 24 hrs notice to cancel private lessons from both Students and Teachers alike.
  10. Examinations – Pupils will have the chance to take exams in Ballet and Tap. Exams are not compulsory.
  11. Production Performances – An annual dance show is held approximatly every 18 months at a local theatre.
  12. Professional Performers/Apperarences – Pupils also get the chance to audition for professional productions, i.e Christmas pantomimes, Musicals, English Youth Ballet, IDS Catalogue work and more.
  13. Theatrical Agency – For terms and conditions of this please get seperate copy from myself.
  14. The Dance Acadamies – For terms and conditions please get seperate Dance Acadamy T&C’s
  15. Pupils with exceptional classical training may have the chance to audition for Royal Ballet Junior Associates, Centeral Ballet School Junior Assosiate, London Junior Ballet Junior Assosiate, Ballet and Tap awards. Pupils who would also like to further their training are able to audition for vocational schools and collages.