Youth Academy

The Academy aims:

To provide access to top quality dance training and coaching for exceptionally talented young dancers.
To help young dancers develop creative, performance and technical skills/knowledge that will prepare them for higher vocational training and, ultimately, a career in dance.
This elite Performing Arts Academy will run for a 12 month period and will be held once a month throughout the year including holidays as well as term time.

Saturdays 1.30pm-4.30pm

All members of the Academy will receive a branded dance top when they join.

Each programme provides:

Focus on additional dance curriculum which can not be covered in general weekly dance classes, technical skills in various dance styles and techniques relevant to tomorrows professional dancers.
Regular training and coaching.
Intense dance in all subjects including Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.
Training in Drama / Monologue pieces
Creative and choreographic skills
Musical knowledge for dancers.
Extra singing tuition.
Flexibility / Pilates.
Preparation for Auditions
Nutritional advice for each perforomers
Guest Choreographers will come to the Academy throughout the year and teach a class to the students in all subjects
Will be able to conduct themselves at a Dance College interview
Great social atmosphere
Dance clothing available at a discounted rate
Course Costs

£250 for a 12 months intensive training course

Option 1 One full Payment of £250
Option 2 Three installments. 2 at £84 and the 3rd at £82
Option 3 11 Monthly payments of £21 and the 12th payment of £19