Are you ready for the show? Here are some useful words

There are many showbiz terms however here are some of the ones you will hear over the show week and what they mean



A Cyclorama is the term used for the large curtains located at the back of the stage. This is not to be confused with the backdrops. Cycloramas are generally illuminated with a projected image or a type of light called a CYC.


You may hear the term “That drop is at its dead”. Dead is the term used when something that is suspended from a truss is at its required height


A blackout is a lighting cue when all the lights are rapidly switched off. This term may also be used when describing a black backdrop


This is the technical term of where a cast member is located on the stage. You may hear “X actor is blocking front stage right” or “This act is blocking on”


In a proscenium arch theatre this is the term given to the area where the audience are seated. The term Front Of House or FOH has a very similar meaning.


These are people who generally work backstage and look after minors.


This is the term given to any member of the event staff working on the production that are not performing. This can include stage hands, stage managers and the technical production crew


This is anything that is being suspended however not usually backdrops. Generally a flie is someone that flies in to the stage.

Backdrop or simply drop

This is a curtain that will be lowered behind an act. You may hear in rehearsals “Fireplace Drop” This is the cue to lower the fireplace drop to its dead position.

Prop (Property)

This is an asset used by the cast to aid them with their performance. This could be a bench used on set.


This is the area behind the stage and only occupied by the cast and crew.

Curtain Call

This is when the main curtain is closed usually after an act.


Most performances comprise of 2 acts, An act is usually denoted by an interval


This is a pause within the performance usually around the center point of the performance and usually last around 30-45 Mins.


You may hear “strike the set” this means to remove all property’s from a set and in some cases means take the set back to how it was at the start of the production. Strike can also mean all the equipment and property’s are removed from the stage and packe waway after a performance.


This is a property used generally by dancers

Stage Hand

This is a person usually wearing black cloths and are part of the technical crew and are located in the wings. There job is to manage and remove props from the stage.


This is an area located on either side of the stage and out of sight of the audience.


A command for something to change such as music to be started or a cast member to exit the stage

Black Box

This is a form of studio generally used for television or rehearsals and is always a box shaped room and usually painted with black walls.


Stage Layouts

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